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MX-P6 2 in 1 pressotherapy +far infrared slimming machine

 2 in 1 pressotherapy slimming machine
 2 in 1 pressotherapy slimming machine
 2 in 1 pressotherapy +far infrared slimming machine
 2 in 1 pressotherapy +far infrared
 pressotherapy detox slimming machine
pressoterapia massager beauty machine
Product Name : MX-P6 2 in 1 pressotherapy +far infrared slimming machine
Model Number : MX-P6
Power : 1500w
Frequency : 50 Hz/60Hz
function 1 : pressotherapy
function 2 : far infrared
Electric current : 3A

MX-P3 CE approval maquina de pressoterapia +far infrared  beauty instrument

 2 in 1 pressotherapy (4).jpg

Principle of pressoterapia massager beauty instrument


Air vibrant massager aims to promote normal flow of lymphoid liquid and sweep the body rubbish. Unlike vibrating by adhesive piece before, it works by means of pressure depend on envelopes. With assist of the apparatus, beauticians adopt several basic techniques as circling and steering massage, so it can improve blood circulation and toxin excreted to make capillary passable. Air De-toxin system ( lymph edema compression therapy system) promotes the circulation of blood and lymph and make recovered patients leg or arm having various edema or troubles by stimulating the muscular organization by repeating the contraction expansion program that pumps and deflates air through each chamber of the cuff that exerts the pressure from distal to proximal of body gradually. Air De-toxin system has many models that have the various function and the cuffs (pants, leg, arm, shoulder, skirt) having 2-chamber ,4-chamber, 6-chamber or 12-chamber. According to each model, air de-toxin system is a physical therapy appliance, which cures the patients with the unique program. FEATURES: As it massages with smooth air pressure, there is no danger from any electric shock or electromagnetic wave, and just give nice and fresh feeling. It is made pressure and time of massage to be controlled according to user constitution and symptoms so that whoever can use safely DR life It is very portable to be used freely and easily. It can be used partially (arm, leg, waist) for your useful anyway. It has the gauge that can check the pressure.


Advantage  of pressoterapia massager beauty instrument


1. Extra large screen, display all functions;

2. extra large pump, speedy air compression massage.

3. 6 output channels for connection, different combination of air bags massage optional.

4. different massage mode chosabl, freely rhythm adjust, more comportable.

5. 3 levels for strength adjust suit for different users.

6. better effection to massage on the head and leg at the same time.

7.Infrared heating and air pressotherapy with 22 air bags covering whole body

8.Advanced PU with Velcro make it serviceable and easy on and off

9.Spiral interface of the controller box make more safer and air-proof

10.4 zone for arms ,waist ,thigh and feet for work separate or whole body together


Function of pressoterapia massager beauty instrument


This apparatus was carefully designed according to human bionics research, which combines functions of broken-fat, fat dissolved, and lymphatic drainage in one and using high-tech means to massage, and pressure therapy to get significant effect.

1. Slimming: Infrared ray makes a direct action on the fat structure, which can release a great deal of heat energy, accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph, promote the metabolism, speed biochemistry reaction, make catabolism of fat cells, largely decrease the fat cells.

Air bags are inflated and deflated regularly with continually changed air pressure, which can rub off, dissociate, smash the fat cells.

2. Relaxing and Promoting Immunity: Heat energy generated by infrared ray can lessen the tensility of muscle, relax the muscle

3. Leading-in Medicine: Stimulating the medicine absorption to reinforce healing effect.

4. Other Function :Promoting curing, diminishing inflammation, keeping calm and sleeping peacefully, etc


Operating panel:



1.       boot-strap

2.       time

3.       heat energy intensity function

4.       heat energy to start/suspend

5.       left hand heat energy to select

6.       right hand heat energy to select

7.       waist heat energy to select

8.       left foot heat energy to select

9.       right foot heat energy to select

10.   charge intensity function

11.   charge function to start/suspend

12.   charge mode






Name     pressotherapy machine lymphatic

Power    1500w

Color     silver

Frequency    50 Hz/60Hz

Electric current    3A


2 in 1 pressotherapy (2).jpg

2 in 1 pressotherapy (1).jpg

P3 (2).jpg








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